Writing Task 1 – Cambridge 8

Writing Task 1

Writing Task 1

The pictures show two kind of data. First, the pie chart shows about the main causes of land which is degraded in the world today. Second, the table shows the causes that affected different regions differently in the 1900s.

Looking up the pie chart, there are four main causes of land degradation. The biggest number is 35% of degradation is caused by too much animal grazing. A further 30% of degradation is due to deforestation and 28% is caused by over-cultivation of crops. Other causes is only 7% collectively.

Moving on the table, it shows that Europe having as much as 9.8% of degradation due to deforestation, while the small impact of this on Oceania and North America is only 1.7% and 0.2% respectively. North America with the lowest overall percentage of the land degraded is only 5%, also from number of over-cultivation is 3.3% and 1.5 from over grazing. In contrast, Europe had 23% of land degraded which suffered from over-cultivation (7.7%) and over grazing (5.5%). On the other hand, Oceania had 13% of land degraded which was no number (0%) of over-cultivation and 11.3% of over-grazing.

Overall, it is totally clear that North America had the lowest percentage of total land degradation. And Interestingly, only zero percent of land degraded by over-cultivation in Oceania.


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3 Responses to Writing Task 1 – Cambridge 8

  1. Arsiya Erlinda says:

    Good job Wenty, keep on practicing as practice makes perfect, mungkin “about” pada paragraph pertama boleh dibuang

  2. Arsiya Erlinda says:

    “About” in the first line is not necessary Wenty, I think

  3. arsiyawenty says:

    ia, untuk Interestingly di paragraph terakhir juga seharusnya tidak ada, karena dalam writing task 1 hanya boleh menuliskan data yang diberikan dan tidak boleh ada opini. Interestingly itu opini 🙂 hehe

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